Miles Krell

Hi! 👋

I'm a mobile developer interested in doing good in the world. When I'm not focused on that, you can find me hanging out with my boyfriend, having conversations with our cat, learning more Spanish, and exploring Brooklyn's electronic music scene.


I'm currently at Lyft, where I'm responsible for an internal Android app used to manage Citi Bike, Divvy, Capital Bikeshare, Ecobici, and many other 🚲 and 🛴 systems around the world. I have a lot of fun at my job, but I'm always open to new adventures! If you have an opportunity you think I'd be interested in, feel free to shoot me a message.

What I've been listening to

Past projects

Present and future (i.e. things I like)

I'm still figuring out what I want to do with my life, you know? Learning Spanish has been pretty rewarding, so I plan to continue with that.

In terms of writing code outside of work, these days I'm less interested in starting new projects than I am in contributing to existing projects. Here are some projects and orgs I like, any of which I may get more involved with over time: